The Importance of Keeping Others Apprised of Your Mental State

mentalstateI was recently blessed to meet a woman who, a few years back, had to take on the responsibility of caring for her aging parents. She told me that being caught in the “middle” had taken it’s toll on her. She was in her late 40s. Her daughter was in high school. Her husband was a prominent attorney. Her parents, however, were in their late 70s. They had been in good health up until her father suffered a stroke and her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite having two brothers, the role of caretaker fell to her. She was immediately thrown into the middle of caring for her own “family” and caring for her parents, who could no longer survive on their own. Her father was a proud man and refused to leave his home. Instead, he demanded she come to his home every day with food and to keep him and his wife, her mother, company. With a child and husband of her own this seemed more of a burden than a welcome visit. [Read more...]

The Benefits of Creating Something on Your Own

=Sometimes in life it is important to “make something.” This may sound simple and silly at first but I assure you it isn’t.

A friend of mine recently told me a story about his grand-daughter. She moved to Los Angeles last year and has been following a dream of becoming an actress. She told my friend, her Grandfather, that she just doesn’t seem to feel any “self worth”. Chasing fame and prestige is exhausting and she can’t seem to remember why she even got into it in the first place. My friend informed his lovely granddaughter that in order to feel “self worth” you must create it- on your own time and on your scale. At first she seemed confused by the notion of “self-defining.” [Read more...]

Divorce Hurts Everyone

Being a father and a grandfather is hard work sometimes. Its not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just that sometimes events overtake us and make things a real struggle. I love my children and I love my grandchildren with all my heart and more.

Visits with my grandchildren are the highlight of my week – I get to see how they are growing, how they are developing and find out how well they are doing at school.  But it wasn’t always like that.

Close Relations

My son and his wife lived just a few blocks from us. It was easy to see them and it made our retirement that much more special. It meant we got to spend more time with them, take them on trips out fishing or for picnics.

One day last year that all changed.  My son left his wife. He says he wanted more out of life and didn’t try to gain much access to his children. Now, that just broke my heart – no father should ever turn their backs on their children, no matter what the problems. 

His wife stayed in the house so we took matters in our own hands and went to see her and the grandchildren.  It wasn’t a successful visit – because of the way my son was behaving, she fought back by not allowing us access to our own grandchildren.  I understand that she was hurting and this was her only defense mechanism but it hurt us as well.

Eventually they divorced and both moved on but when new relationships started, the children started to play up. They would make life difficult; play one parent off against the other, especially as they didn’t see their dad very often.

Our Way of Coping

Eventually things started to change and my son started to see his children again. He and his ex-wife reached an amicable agreement and that meant we could see them again.  That took some time though and, in the meantime, to help us cope and make us feel as though we were doing something, we started donating money to UNICEF to help other more unfortunate children.

We see our grandchildren regularly now and everyone is happy but we still send those donations – it’s the Christian thing to do, help others who have little and make sure they have a chance at life.

The Art of Encouraging Others

The dictionary defines encouragement as “to inspire someone to with the courage and confidence to do something.” In the Bible, we can find numerous verses testifying to the encouraging character of God. In the Old Testament book of Joshua, God appointed the young man, Joshua, to lead the Israelites upon the death of Moses. However, Joshua was apprehensive because he felt inadequate for such a gargantuan task. To encourage him, God said “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

In this day and age when everyone is living a fast-paced life and the main focus is only on the self, it seems that people are too busy to take the time to show compassion for others. As Christians, though, we are to be the mirror of God’s love towards others; and one way of demonstrating this love is through encouragement.

You might have heard stories about men and women who achieved tremendous success through the encouragement of other people. Such is the effect of giving courage. However, in order for your words of encouragement to be effective, they must be sincere and realistic, not mere lip service. In the absence of sincerity, the good word you say to someone is just flattery. For example, telling someone that he did a great job when the opposite is true is being dishonest. Telling a child that she will be a great singer one day even if she can’t hold a note together is being unrealistic. Instead, you can point out her other talents and encourage her to achieve her dreams by using them.

Encouraging someone need not be limited to words. Gestures that show you care are just as effective as well. A phone call or a short note to a friend who is going through a difficult situation, to let him know that he is not alone in his predicament, will give him more courage to face it. If the person who needs encouragement is a woman, a good way to lift her spirits is by giving her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. For a more personal touch, you can handpick flowers from your own garden. If you don’t have one, you can always have flowers delivered to her home. Conveniently, there are several online sites these days that accept requests for flower deliveries through the internet, like this site for flower delivery in Perth, Australia.

When you give encouragement to someone, don’t expect him to encourage you in return. Like love, encouragement should be given freely without anticipating a payback. If you are doing it to receive praise of to be acknowledged for your actions, it is an indication that you are doing it for yourself and not for others. It also suggests that you were not sincere in the first place.

Lastly, realize that you need encouragement too. Just because you take the time and effort to give courage to other people does not mean that you are exempted. Thus, you have to consistently remind yourself to be positive while staying realistic.

Encouragement is an act that takes very minimal investment in time and effort on your part. The kind words you speak to someone today can have a tremendous and positive impact in his life tomorrow, even if you might not see it. Help make the world a better place by practicing the art of encouraging others every day.

The Joys of Retirement: The So-Called Golden Years

Aging isn’t too bad and by all accounts, I enjoy the time I spend in retirement. I get to focus on some of the things I didn’t always have time for when I was younger. There are so many different stories I could tell you about, but in all honesty, I want to talk about the things that I find important now. My family, hobbies, religion, and every once in a while, a good drink, are all parts of my healthy retired life. Here are some of the things that I find worthwhile now that I have the time for them.

Woodwork and My Grandkids

When my son told me I was going to be a grandfather, I immediately went to my workshop and started work on a little rocking horse. But to my surprise, my daughter in-law gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I wasn’t exactly used to making wood sculptures for girls, so I decided to learn about how one goes about making a dollhouse. The whole procedure is quite daunting, which is why I was happy that it would take a few years before they could actually play with the thing. After a few years’ worth of practice and education on the best kinds of carving wood, I finally managed to produce something I was proud of. It won’t be too long before my granddaughters start talking about ultherapy in Texas or other kinds of therapies and treatments, so I’m going to make the most of my time with them right now.


I’m a devout man, there’s no doubt about that. At the same time though, I don’t like to talk about my faith that much. I guess that’s a job more suited to preachers, because I never found comfort in forcing my beliefs on people. What I am going to say is that I do find a certain kind of joy when I pray. Now, I’m not going to tell you what you should believe, I just want to tell you that it’s okay to submit yourself to something bigger. It could be a project, an ideal, a philosophy, or religion, it doesn’t matter. Just try it out because you may find the same comfort every time I take prayer.

Fishing and a Bit of Drinking

I’m not one to drink every weekend; my dad didn’t raise me that way, although, I do enjoy drinking a few cans whenever I go fishing. There’s something very serene about a lake when everything’s quiet around you. You don’t have to talk about dermal fillers, weekends at the spa, beauty tips and school troubles. All you need to do is to sit and watch the world go by. And, if you’re lucky, you may actually get to go home with a few fresh fish in tow as well.

That’s about it for now, I thank you for reading and I hope that you go with God wherever you may be. Remember, try fishing and a bit of woodworking; you might find them just as relaxing as I do.

Types of Physical Therapy and Conditions It Can Treat

As we age, we become more prone to illnesses and injuries. This may affect your mobility, coordination, balance, strength and flexibility, and it may also cause pain. Physical therapy can help old people to move easier and perform their daily tasks with little to no help from another person. Let’s get to know the different types of physical therapy and some of the conditions or diseases that it can treat.

Types of Physical Therapy

  • Ultrasound – in this type of physical therapy, sound waves that are high pitched are used for relaxing the muscles. This is often done before and after the patient exercised.
  • Heat Therapy – this is performed to relax the muscles, loosen joints, as well as to enhance the circulation of blood in the system. This is also done prior to exercise and is often a treatment for those who have difficulties moving.
  • Cold Therapy – ice massage and ice packs are often used in this type of therapy. It’s used to treat inflammation, swelling and pain.
  • Hydrotherapy – water is used in this type of therapy. It’s often performed for relaxing the body, as well as improving blood circulation and maintaining health.
  • Manual Therapy – as the term suggests, the therapist uses his hand to massage the patient. This allows patients to feel more relaxed. It also improves flexibility and reduces pain.

Diseases That It Can Treat

  • Arthritis – this is one of the most common conditions on seniors. This is the inflammation of joints, which causes pain and difficulty moving. Physical therapy can help alleviate inflammation and pain.
  • Alzheimer’s – the physical therapist helps the patient with some exercise that could help in improving the memory.
  • Incontinence – there are exercises that are thought to prevent this condition.
  • Parkinson’s Disease – patients also do specific exercises to prevent robotic movements caused by this disease.
  • Stroke – physical therapy helps strengthen the weak parts of the body due to stroke.

Physical therapy is offered in different cities in the US including Irvine. Find a professional physical therapist in Irvine that is trusted in this field and has the right training and experience.

Personal Tips to Become the Best Grandfather

One of the perks of getting old is enjoying your grandchildren to the fullest. While I am with them, I realize due to pressures of my professional job and domestic duties, I was hardly able to experience the childhood of my own children. Thus, making the most out of nature's second chance, here are a few of my personal tips to maximize the love and bond with your grandchildren. We have developed a few family traditions and share some exclusive grandfather and children time which has lead to the kind of bonding and trust that I had always dreamed of. Here is my tried and tested successful formulae of being the best grandfather. 

Share Words of Wisdom
No age is young enough to share a few pieces of wisdom with. I have come to acknowledge the fact that children tend to learn physics, science and other knowledgeable things in books and schools, but what neither of the places is able to impart is wisdom and strength of character. While children usually suffer with the lack of communication with their parents, grandparents should make sure that they are there to fill in the gap and let the kids know the difference between morals, values, rights and wrongs in their own peaceful and understanding manner. 

Give Away Pieces of Your Past
I could not have understood the importance of giving away old valuables until I saw the beam on my grandchild's face and the twinkle in his eyes when I gave away one of my treasured keepsakes. In our days, we were fans of hand built RC helicopters, and I have a collection of my own. By giving one of the most treasured RC helicopters, I won the trust and love of my little one. It's okay if you do not have personal items safe and sound with you, buy a similar gift and share your experiences and stories with them for the cherished bond to prosper. I came across RC helicopter reviews here and was stunned to find the best rc helicopter at RC Helicopter Hobbyist, which is currently my grandson's favorite possession. 

Spend Time Outdoors
Make it a point to pack a bag of edibles and leave for outdoor destinations every once in a while. If you cannot manage long distances, then going to the park or seaside can also be activities that your grandchild would not only love but would eagerly look forward to as well. In this era, parents pamper their children with digital gadgets and games, the true value of playing in the sun, spending time outdoors and building memories are quite forgotten by the new league of parents. Thus, as a grandparent, I love to enjoy these benefits and build memories that I and my grandchildren will surely reminisce for the rest of our lives. 

Carve Out Your Secret Language
What's interesting about a family is, only they can get the crazy jokes and stories while others keep guessing what did they miss in the laughter and conversation. A grandfather is the perfect figure to carve a secret language for the family. A word or two, or phrases can really spark up the energy and keep the grandparents and children bond going strong for years. 

Living an Active Life as a Healthy Senior

The day I retired was the day I asked myself the big question; what am I supposed to do now? For a very long while, I couldn’t find an answer, and the lack of activity was driving me mad. So, after a few weeks I decided to think like my young grand-kids did, in that instead of doing something productive, I did something fun. Being a senior doesn’t mean the end of the world. Quite the contrary, in fact, it just meant that I had to find other ways to entertain myself.

3. Reading New Books

I love the classics and I still try to re-read some of my favorite books, but at the same time, there are so many new promising authors out there. People like John Green have a way with words, but if you want an exhaustive read, the Game of Thrones books are also a great read. My son actually got me a tablet for the purpose of reading, and I am overwhelmed by this online library. I’m actually trying to find a laser eye surgeon in Green Bay to improve my otherwise deteriorating vision so that I can enjoy them more.

2. Handy Hobbies

While I do love to relax and read a good book every once in a while, sometimes I get antsy. When I get like that, I usually turn to more physical hobbies. Two of my personal favorites are fishing and woodworking. They’re both relatively cheap and keep me occupied for hours on end. Of course, the learning curve is sort of steep; I personally think the time you put in is worth it.

1. Travelling

For the longest time during my employment, I would always choose to forget my vacation days in favor of more work. If you’ve done the same, then let me tell you how fun it is to travel. Now, if you’re a little afraid of getting out of the country, there’s no reason to fret. There are many locales right in your backyard that have deep history or offer some pretty fun activities for folks our age.

Just because you’re a little older, doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun.

Visit Turkey for Relaxation After Retirement

When you have already retired and have saved a lot of money while you were still working, the best thing to do is to make the most out of your savings to see the world and enjoy while you still can. Arrange trips around the world, especially in places that will make you feel relaxed and appreciate more the wonders of nature. If you plan to have this trip, you might want to consider visiting Turkey.

As they say, this country is where the East meets the West. This country is not just a perfect blend of various cultures, but it is also perfect if you wish to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are convinced that this country is your next perfect destination, here are some of the highly recommended places for you to visit:

• Ephesus. This is a historical and Biblical place. It is currently being excavated and restored for the world to see. This city is said to have been built around 7th century BC or even earlier. This city is said to be the place where Virgin Mary lived the last moments of her life. The place is totally magnificent and awe-inspiring.

• Kusadasi. If you are into fun, night life and other enjoyable activities by the beach, then this is the place to go. A lot of people come here due to the number of luxury hotels and relaxing accommodation. The place also abounds with spa and the beaches are totally pristine. You may also go for cruise lines that travel around the area for a day or so.

Pamukkale. If you wish to visit a UNESCO Heritage Site, then you better go here. It has tons of hot springs made from calcium carbonate and limestone. It also has lots of beautiful hotels around for you to stay before and after visiting the site.

There are a lot more surprises in store for you if you visit Turkey. Go ahead and check these places out by organizing your trip now. For more information about Turkey Tours, visit this site.

The Reasons I Volunteer to Drive a Moving Truck

My religion is very important to me and helping the needy and elderly is an essential part of my belief system. This is why I try to find ways to volunteer with my local church and community organizations. One of my newest volunteer jobs is driving a moving truck. This might sound like a strange job for a volunteer, but what I am actually doing is helping the elderly members of the community move from their family home into the local retirement villages/homes. This is an important service and as well as helping these people move their household items I am also able to help them with the emotional strain of leaving their family home. I wanted to share a little bit more about this ministry with my readers.

How I got started driving the moving truck
I originally got involved with the program because we live in an area with many retirees and our church had found that many were struggling to deal with the physical and emotional demands of moving from their family home into a retirement village/home. As an elderly gentleman myself I could relate to their situation so I decided that I would get involved with the project. Our church decided to create the project and we offer this service free to any elderly people in the area (you don’t have to be a part of the church). We had a small budget to begin with and I began to make contact with a few local and national moving truck companies. Fortunately, we were able to source an end of lease discount rental truck from and the company donated the vehicle for no upfront cost as long as we were responsible for the upkeep and maintenance. We then put the word out that we needed volunteers at and we had 12 people join the project.

The impact of this project
The elderly people that we help are genuinely thankful for our service. For those frail or unwell we offer to sort, pack, load and move all of their belongings and this has been a great help to those in this situation. We also have a great chance to minister to these people and learn about them and share their stories. We also provide emotional support and counseling for those struggling with the idea of leaving their family home. In fact, we have found that many elderly people become depressed at this time and we are able to get them the help and support they need. It has been such a rewarding experience and we have heard so many stories of people being so grateful for the service at the time of need.

How volunteering helps me
The main reason I volunteer this because I believe that God wants us to help others. However, volunteering has also been a great help to me. Since my retirement I have more free time and it is nice to give something back to the community. Helping others is also a very rewarding experience and there is no feeling quite like it in the world. I am also working together with other members of the church community and this brings us closer together. Volunteering is also a great way to learn new skills and one of the younger members of the project has actually landed a job with a professional moving company from his experience with us.

I enjoy helping others and this is just one way that I volunteer my time for the church and the community. I encourage everyone else to get out there and engage with the community and provide support for those in need.

Creating a Rest House Out of Used Cargo Containers

When you have already retired, it would be nice to have a place where you can just sit and relax comfortably. If you wish to get out from the bustling noise of the city, you can just drive to your rest house and feel good about life.

Sadly, building a rest house could be very expensive. Thus, most retirees opt to just have a vacation elsewhere. Though this is also fine, it cannot be done always as the expenses will accumulate. If you really wish to have a rest house without spending a lot, then consider using used cargo containers.

The truth is that there are already a lot of houses around the world that were built out of used cargo containers. They were able to transform old containers into something magnificent. It is just a matter of creativity.

Strong and Reliable

One of the reasons why people are afraid to build houses out of used containers is that they think they are already damaged. The truth is that they won’t be sold for reuse unless they have not been checked. Cargo containers that are damaged will no longer be sold as they are deemed unsafe. The ones that you can buy are totally safe. They are in fact of low maintenance. Wherever you decide to build your rest house, be it near the sea or on top of a cliff, you have nothing to worry about.

Low Cost Rest House

Used cargo containers are generally cheap. If you opt to build a house out of scratch, then you would have to spend a lot. You may also throw recycled furniture or home decorations to match with the environment-friendly theme that you wish to project.

Once the rest house is done, not only will you feel relaxed, but you will also feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Hopefully, you will consider this as this is a very economical choice. You can check out used shipping container prices here if you worry about the price. For more information on how cargo container decoration works, visit

Gaining Friends in a Legal Process

After working for several decades, I am now enjoying my retirement.  It seems like I have devoted more than half of my life to earning money to provide for my family, and now my children have families of their own, I can take things easy and do the things that I have always wanted to do, like fishing and woodworking.

During my high school days, I really enjoyed our carpentry subject, and I discovered that I have a talent for woodworking and my carpentry skills were quite good. Living in a sub-urban community has its perks. Years ago, I started planting trees in my backyard and now I’m using the wood that I can get from them. For me, it is such a wonderful feeling to have my own source of wood to use for crafting.

Before, I believed that sub-urban people are the friendliest neighbors that you can have. Not until one of my neighbors entered my property to gather some wood from my backyard. Since I have invested a lot of time and effort in growing them over the years, it did not sit right with me that someone I am not that close to trespassed on my property and gathered wood from my trees without permission. It might sound silly, being a neighbor and all, but I know I have a right to file a trespassing case.

If he just apologized to me I could have let it pass. But to my surprise, he acted as if he does not care about my sentiments. This made me realize that I need to teach someone a lesson, by legal means. My neighbor hired a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based criminal defense lawyer, which he found on this website. The case went on just fine and to my relief, my neighbor and I are now in good terms, after he apologized and paid some fine.

After that incident, he became our family friend. It never occurred to me that one day, he would be of great help. He referred my sister to a very good child custody attorney. I thank God that He made me meet this person, who I initially thought was an enemy.